Haircut for Men – Fresh, Dynamic Styles To Confidently Master Your Look

Getting the right haircut for men is an essential part of a man’s style. The best men’s haircut can enhance your best features and give you a look that boosts your confidence. In 2024, there are more great haircut options for men than ever. From fades to longer styles, modern barbers are experts at crafting haircuts for men that suit your face shape, hair type, and sense of style.

We’ll go over the trending and most popular men’s haircuts in 2024. Whether you have straight, curly, thin, thick, or receding hair, you’ll find the perfect haircut for men. We cover the best men’s haircuts for all hair lengths and face shapes. Read on to discover the top hair trends for men’s haircuts and find a cut that makes you look and feel your best!

Best Haircut for Men with Straight Hair

If you have straight locks, one of the most flattering modern men’s haircuts you can get is an undercut or fade haircut for men. These chopped haircut styles for men create contrast between the short back/sides and longer hair on top. This draws attention upwards to your eyes and bone structure.

Some top straight-hair haircut options for men this year include:

  • The French crop men’s haircut – a shorter Caesar men’s haircut with a textured fringe swept over the forehead. It’s masculine yet still playful. It looks excellent styled messy or sleek. Add a light hold pomade for shine and movement. Prices start around $35.
  • The textured crop haircut for men – similarly short-cropped top and sides but with added texture/layers cut through the top. This adds movement and makes fine or flat hair appear thicker. Ask your barber to point cut into the ends to remove weight. Average cost is $30.
  • The side part men’s haircut – a classic haircut for men that always looks sharp. Ask your barber for a short tapered back/sides blended into longer hair on top parted neatly to one side. Finish with a light hold pomade like Layrite Cement. Expect to pay $25-40.
  • The textured quiff haircut for men – an edgy, modern take on the retro quiff. Get chopped sides combined with thicker, longer locks on top styled up and back off the face. Effortlessly cool finish! Use a grip cream like Got2B Spiked Up Cream when styling for texture and hold. Prices average $35-50.
  • The brush-up men’s haircut is a simple yet sexy haircut for guys. Just long enough strands on top brushed upwards and backwards adding loads of height. No visible scalp. Compiments oval, square or diamond face shapes nicely. Grab American Crew Boost Powder at $20 to add thickness.

Best Haircut for Men with Curly Hair

Finding a flattering haircut for men with curly hair can seem tricky, but modern barbers are pros at cutting curls. The key is keeping length on top to show off texture while neatly trimming sides. This creates contrast which defines curls beautifully.

Top curly haircuts for men this year include:

  • The curly crop – a cropped haircut for men with tight curls all over. Keep a short trim around the back/sides, blending up to longer curls on top, naturally styled. Great for accentuating corkscrews. Schedule cuts every 3-4 weeks to keep it neat. It costs around $30.
  • The curly fringe – a medium-length haircut allowing natural curls to do their thing. Ideal for guys with looser curly locks. Get some face-framing fringe action to balance facial features. Let your curls air dry or diffuse for volume. Prices start at $40.
  • The curly quiff – a haircut for curly-haired men mixing longer curly bangs on top with closely clipped sides. Style up and backwards away from your face creating height. A curly variation of a classic! Use DevaCurl Styling Cream for hold without crunch. The average cost is $55.
  • The curly pompadour – a retro throwback haircut for men pumped up with bouncy curls. Ask for high faded sides with lots of length through the top and front to create a smooth rounded pomp shape. Schedule a trim every 4-6 weeks. Prices range from $45-65.
  • The curly man bun is the perfect haircut for men with growing curls. It allows you to show off long glossy ringlets in a practical style. Pull curls atop your head in a messy bun secured with a hair tie. Use DevaCurl High Shine Multi-Benefit Oil on ends to prevent dryness. Average pricing is $35-50.

Best Haircut for Men with Thinning Hair

Dealing with thinning locks or hair loss can seem disheartening, but modern cuts and products cater perfectly to fine or thinning hair. The key is to create the illusion of fullness with shorter textured styles. These remove bulk while making hair appear thicker.

Our top haircuts for men with fine or thin hair include:

  • Short textured crops: Go for choppy, messy layers cut to a short length. Well-blended layers remove excess weight making hair seem fuller. Use a sea salt spray like Ouai Texturizing Spray for texture and volume. Average cost: $30-45.
  • Brushed up styles: Get hair long enough on top to brush upwards and backwards, adding loads of height for the appearance of thicker hair. Pomades like Suavecito Firm Hold Pomade offer pliable hold to achieve this height all day. Prices start around $35.
  • Textured french crops: This short mens haircut uses point cutting and texturizing techniques to make each strand appear thicker. Balance this texture on top with very short, faded sides for contrast. Style with light grip cream or mousse. Average pricing: $40-55.
  • Spiky crops: Use choppy layers cut short to create stand-up texture and height. This removes actual density but appears thicker sticking up. Try styling products like Got2B Glued Spiking Wax which also adds gritty texture. Starts around $30.
  • Forward brushed bangs: Longer choppy bangs brushed forward seem thicker and draw attention downward, balancing thinner areas. Use a volumizing tonic like Kevin Murphy Body Mass before blow drying for fullness. Average cost: $45-60.

Best Haircut for Men with Receding Hairlines

Dealing with a receding hairline or balding patches can demolish your confidence. But modern haircuts for men offer clever ways to camouflage hair loss while looking damn good. The key is keeping hair short at the sides and longer on top for styling flexibility.

Our top haircuts for a receding hairline include:

  • The comb-over haircut for men – a classic style reinvented. Get very short back/sides blended up into longer hair. You can sweep diagonally over thinning areas to create the illusion of fullness. Pomades like Layrite Superhold offer ideal hold and sheen. Average prices are $35-50.
  • Caesar haircut variations – this short-cropped haircut for men lets you brush forward longer bangs to hide a receding hairline. Opt for a curly Caesar or modern textured Caesar for extra coverage. Use styling powder like Got2B Powder’s full Volumizing & Texturizing Powder to thicken. Starts at $30.
  • The brush up haircut for men – perfect for beginning stages of male pattern balding. Get longer hair on top brushed upwards/backward to add visual height and detract from thinning hair in front. Reapply the product during the day if needed. Expect to pay $40-55 per cut.
  • The side part haircut for men – disguises diffusing hairlines well. Comb remaining hair over part-dominant side in a classy neat style. Adapt with your natural growth pattern as hair recedes over time. Pomades like Suavecito Firme Hold Pomade give a shiny polished look. The average cost is $35-50.
  • Buzz cuts/crew cuts – terse haircuts for balding men embracing the shaved look. These super-low-maintenance styles take the hassle out of hiding hair thinning. Own it! Use clippers from brands like Wahl and Andis for easy at-home maintenance. Costs start at $25 for barber cuts, $30-60 for clippers.


Finding the perfect haircut for men that aligns with your facial features, hair type, and personal flair takes effort but pays off tenfold in elevating your style. Start by analyzing the specific attributes of your face shape, hair texture, and growth patterns. Are your features more oval, square, diamond, or round-shaped? Do you have straight, wavy, coily or kinky locks? Where does your hair naturally part and lay? These insights allow you to select cuts that complement what nature gave you. Next, consider if you gravitate towards polished refinement or more casual laidback aesthetics when it comes to personal style. This determines factors like length, how tidy or textured you wear your hair. It also impacts your choices of hair products and styling habits. Determining your personal style direction helps narrow down the array of men’s cuts to ones suiting your unique flair.

With this deeper self-knowledge, scour photo inspiration online or in men’s magazines. Seek out haircuts aligning with your attributes and style ambitions. Curate a “hair goals” folder with pictures that resonate. Then book appointments with experienced barbers to get their recommendations on flattering cuts. Provide these photos so your barber understands the length, shape, and styling you hope to achieve. Discuss options to land on a shared game plan.

When you find a stylist whose haircutting skills and vision for your hair align, stick with them. Schedule maintenance visits every 4-6 weeks for trims and talk through any tweaks you want to keep evolving with you. Invest in salon-quality hair products to protect and enhance your hair at home between cuts. Finding the right haircut for men and keeping it looking its best does take effort – but it elevates the overall polish to your appearance in profound ways. We hope digesting the latest hair trends here gave you inspiration on enhacing your look in 2024. Come back to our lifestyle site for continuous insights on refining your unique style further!

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